Kevin Mackay
Kevin’s love for Corvettes blossomed in 1978, while he was working for a Chevrolet dealership at the age of 21. That year, the Corvette Pace Car came out and it was the 25th Anniversary model, his dealer got one. He was in charge of preparing the car for delivery, and his time with it left an indelible impression. He officially got the Corvette bug, but at that time he thought he’d never own a Corvette of his own, as they were too expensive.
Kevin Mackay

Well, after a few short years, being fired from every job, including Burger King, and much hard work, he purchased his first Corvette, a 1964 convertible, Kevin said, “I spent my life savings at 23 years old and never looked back”. He then purchased a 1965 Coupe which he restored, trailered it to Bloomington and earned the Gold certificate with the highest score in it’s class, and soon decided to open his own Corvette repair and restoration business, despite the family being against it.
In 2011 “The Quest” a documentary on the 1960 Cunningham #3 LeMans class winning Corvette was produced, Kevin played an active role in reintroducing the #3 to the LeMans race track in 2010 with John Fitch and Lance Miller.

Kevin and his team at Corvette Repair, Inc. has achieved the highest levels of the greatest award winning accomplishments in bringing Corvettes back to life where any individual or competitor organizations are in awe of.

Kevin is a guest speaker at
Seminar: Corvette at Le Mans
Friday, 3 March, 3:00 pm
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